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Techniques of Influence and Persuasion

Add value to your business and boost your career by harnessing the power of the techniques of influence and persuasion. Our intense one-day workshops will provide you with brilliant training in the core soft-skills essential for sales and marketing, communicating, team building, negotiating and leadership.

The workshops explain and demonstrate how you develop influence by building trust, and before you can build trust you must first create liking and a sense of affinity. Trust is vital to overcome the doubt and the worry of the other person.

The workshops also explain how to be persuasive by creating and delivering a compelling message; but before you can do that you must first ask questions and listen to, and then understand, the other person.

Influence and persuasion are totally dependent on one another, because trust is always needed to enable persuasion. You need to establish the trust, that accompanies being influential, for the other person to hear your message in a manner which enables them to be compelled by your argument.

To influence another person and to be able to persuade them requires recognising and understanding their needs. An agreement or decision to buy is very rarely based on a few simple facts about a transaction or taking an action. 

There are emotional issues, the worry about what if the service or the product do not deliver all that’s expected and assumed. What are the consequences for the other person if the project is successful? Will they be praised and promoted? What are the consequences for them if the project fails? Will they be blamed and sacked? Such worries and expectations are among the many emotions that are lodged deep in the subconscious of the other person, and our arguments must address these concerns as much as any technical issues about a product or service.

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Influence and Persuasion
for Sales and Marketing
Applying the techniques to Sales and Marketing will:-
  • Improve Conversion rates
  • Shorten Lead to Sales time and effort
  • Improve customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Increase profits.
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Influence and Persuasion
for effective Team Building
Applying the techniques to Team Building will:-
  • Improve Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Make the team self-motivating
  • Speed decision making.
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