About Will and Peter

Peter Beard

Peter became interested in the power of language and behaviour when studying for his NLP practitioners certificate some 10 years ago. At the time he was managing director of a company based over four sites involving over twenty people, and had come to the conclusion that although an accountancy qualification (FCCA) gave him certain capabilities, he needed a few more people management skills beyond his MMA black-belt. 

Since then he has been accumulating the soft skills of influence and persuasion, and testing them in the hard world of business to assess their effectiveness. Even after ten years he is excited to discover there is always a lot to learn but now believes he has a huge war chest of effective techniques that deliver results, whether working with teams or persuading customers to buy.
Two years ago he met Dr Baldry, aka Will James, and since then they have collaborated in developing influence and persuasion workshops that are useful, informative and exciting to attend.

Peter is also an established business growth-coach, and you are welcome to read a little more about his coaching services.

Dr Baldry aka Will James

Dr Will Baldry is a speaker, performer and stage hypnotist. Will's background as an award-winning entertainer allows him to demonstrate the techniques of influence & persuasion in highly startling & memorable ways within the training room, as is attested to by the reviews previous participants have given of Will's performances.

Will is passionate about teaching more than just a set of techniques for influence & persuasion: he will also show you how to use them in a natural and subtle way, without coming across as 'pushy' or 'salesy'. He will dissect the most effectively persuasive language patterns he uses as an entertainer, and will show you how to apply these to a range of business negotiations and interactions.

Will also offers performances of mind reading and hypnosis and you can read a little more about his services.
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