Influence and Persuasion Masterclass

Influence and Persuasion Masterclass

Intense one-day Workshop
The Influence and Persuasion intense one-day masterclass workshop is the ideal workshop for all who want or need to motivate, lead and influence people.

Mastering the techniques of influence and persuasion will provide you with the ultimate soft skill, the ability to work with others and persuade and influence them to work and cooperate with you, to everyone's mutual gain and benefit.

The masterclass is an intense workshop that covers sales negotiations, motivating teams and creating compelling messages.

The masterclass workshop is suitable both for the novice who wishes to have a thorough understanding of the techniques,  or the experienced exponent who wishes to update and refresh their skills.
In the workshop Peter and Will explain and demonstrate :-
  • How to create affinity, liking and trust with whoever you need to influence.
  • How to increase trust and liking so that other people want to agree with you.
  • Compelling others to hear your message.
  • How to create persuasive messages.
  • How to get others to willingly say yes.
  • How to close the deal and confirm the sale.
  • How to compel others to take action and do what you need them to do.
During the workshop Will and Peter explore power words and how to use them, together with positive framing, scarcity, reciprocity, listening and repeating, mirroring, consensus, consistency and affirmations and lots, lots more. 

The workshop is punctuated with performances and explanations of hypnotic technique by Will. The performances are relevant to the influence and persuasion techniques that have been recently discussed, and serve to emphasise the capability of the techniques. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in the performances on a voluntary basis.

The masterclass is designed to give you in depth knowledge of all the most powerful techniques that have been proven to be effective, by scientific experiment and experience in the business environment.

The master class is an excellent way to gain a complete overview of the scope of the techniques of influence and persuasion before deciding on a particular workshop which has an in-depth focus on a particular application, for instance selling or team building. The reviews on the testimonial page give a small indication as to how successful this workshop is.

The masterclass is an excellent way for directors, managers and team leaders acquire vital leadership skills.

People who have attended this workshop have given it an overall satisfaction score of 96%. See their amazing videos and testimonials to find out what they thought of it. 
The workshop is regularly conducted both sides of the Pennines, usually in either Stockport or Leeds, and tickets cost only £299* for the day. 

The price includes a workbook with excellent notes, as well as a light breakfast on arrival and a finger buffet lunch. Copious quantities of water, tea and coffee are available throughout the workshop.

The workshops start around 9.00 am and finish at approximately 4.00 pm. Will and Peter remain behind afterwards to further discuss any of the topics covered with anyone who has any remaining energy to do so.

Other influence and persuasion workshops are available on request and are particularly successful when a specific purpose for developing the skill is intended.

Please contact us if you would like a workshop designed to meet a particular soft-skill requirement. We are happy to work with you to deliver what you want and need.

*Corporate discount available to any organisation wishing to send more than two delegates to a workshop. Please contact us for details.
*Money back guarantee to anyone who at the end of the course considers they haven't had value for money.
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