Influence and Persuasion

Influence and Persuasion

Do you need to:-
  • Build, organise and motivate teams to increase efficiency and productivity?
  • Communicate about your business to your customers, staff and the public? 
  • Market and Sell your company and its products and services?
  • Negotiate with your customers, staff and suppliers?
You can achieve all the above by applying the techniques of Influence and Persuasion. Our workshops will provide you with training that will give you a thorough understanding of these techniques, and at the same time also explain and demonstrate to you how to apply them in your business environment.
The techniques of influence and persuasion are core to all soft-skills. They are essential in selling and people management, and also vital for effectively communicating the business’s messages, both within the company and to your customers and the public. 

The techniques are essential for successful negotiations. We show you how to develop liking and then trust and then create messages that compel people to take action.

A strong working knowledge of the techniques enables you to develop from being a good leader to be an effective leader, and a master of the effective delegation of tasks.

The workshop explains how to appeal to all the needs, including the vital emotional needs, of other people, to increase their sense of affinity and empathy.

The workshops demonstrate how language and behaviours develop affinity and liking and then create trust. It also shows how to create compelling arguments, both written and spoken.
Influence and persuasion is a mixture of science and art. In the workshops the science is clearly explained and the art is demonstrated with excellent performances by Dr Baldry (aka Will James). Dr Baldry is also a stage hypnotist and during the workshop there are opportunities to experience some very educational performances.

The workshops are jointly presented by Peter Beard and Will James who skillfully mix education with entertainment to hold your attention up to the very last minute.

There are four workshops, all priced at £299* for the day. They are:-
The workshops start around 9.00 am and finish at approximately 4.00 pm. Will and Peter remain behind afterwards to further discuss any of the topics covered with anyone who has the energy to do so.
The price includes all refreshments including a light breakfast roll and a finger buffet lunch.

The workshops for Sales Negotiations, Effective Team Building and Effective Communications are run to order and require a minimum of five attendees. We are happy to create other workshops to fulfill your specific training requirements in order to enhance the soft-skills of your team.

*Corporate discount available to any organisation wishing to send more than two delegates to a workshop. Please contact us for details.
*Money back guarantee to anyone who at the end of the course considers they haven't had value for money.
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