Influence and Persuasion for Sales Negotiations

Influence and Persuasion for Sales and Marketing

Intense one-day Workshop
Do you want to -
  • Increase your sales consultation conversion rates?
  • Shorten your lead to consultation conversion interval?
  • Improve the performance of your website and email campaigns?
Have you ever come out of a sales meeting knowing that you made the perfect proposal, the one that was the perfect choice for the customer, and still did not win the contract?

Our one-day workshop is designed for anyone who wishes to increase their sales without the corresponding increase in the costs of selling.
In the workshop you will learn how you can increase sales by modifying your behaviours to cause your prospects to like you, then build on this affinity to trust you. We demonstrate how this trust can be used to appeal to the emotional needs of your prospect to make them want to buy from you.

We explain to you how to embed the desired result of your sales negotiations in the mind of your prospect, and then create compelling messages to make your prospect want your products and services.

We explain how to close the deal using affirmations and presuppositions in a way that the prospect willingly wants to buy from you.

We explain how to create powerful emails and other marketing documents that use trigger words that will make the reader understand your message and want to work with you.

The workshop is run on request and requires a minimum booking of five attendees. Please contact us to arrange a workshop for your team.

The workshop includes a workbook with excellent notes. Refreshments will be provided in accordance with your requirements and instructions.

The workshops start around 9.00 am and finish at approximately 4.00 pm. Will and Peter remain behind afterwards to further discuss any of the topics covered with anyone who has any remaining energy to do so.

Other influence and persuasion workshops are available on request and are particularly successful when a specific purpose for developing the skill is intended.
Please contact us if you would like a workshop designed to meet a particular soft-skill requirement. We are happy to work with you to deliver what you want and need.
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